We undertake refurbishment, re-coring and upgrading of all heavy and off –highway machinery cooling systems including increasing the cooling efficiency by upgrading the core elements. The same applies to oil coolers and hydraulic oil coolers. We also undertake periodic cleaning service for the above equipment which are often working in very harsh, polluted environment  such as  cement industries, road construction etc

At Indo Africa Radiators we have competent technicians and some of the best radiator repair experts who can repair any radiator from a small forklift to the heaviest duty equipment. We stock new quality products and cores that include truck radiators, off road radiators, and heavy duty industrial radiators. When it comes to radiators, charge air coolers, truck radiators, heavy duty radiators, you can rely on us for professional service.

  • Due to the large size of heavy machinery, faulty radiators are typically removed and brought in separately to the workshop for repairs.
  • If the radiator requires a re-core, the size is carefully measured and recorded along with other details so an accurate quote can be provided.
  • Depending on the machinery’s application and environment, options for enhanced performance or durability upgrades are presented to your our client.
  • Once the quote is approved by the client, new component parts are procured and fitted.
  • A final test is then carried out on the reassembled radiator to confirm everything is in working at optimum level.

We Sell, Service, Repair and Maintain all Heavy Machinery Cooling Systems Radiators