We do recoring of Air charge coolers and oil coolers. Our aluminium Air charge cooler service is the best option for increased engine power and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Since aluminium air coolers gets contaminated with oil from leaking turbo chargers mixed with dust particles during operation, it clogs the air capillaries thereby restricting air flow and reducing cooling & flow of high density air to the engine’s combustion chamber. This has a direct effect on the engine performance and fuel consumption. We service the aluminium intercooler with high pressure hot water and chemicals to remove all oil and dirt and this in turn provides the engine with cool high density air, thereby increasing engine power

Our experts at Indo Africa Radiators have high competence on charge air coolers. We can clean and rebuild, provide new, or fabricate a custom charge air cooler for generators, agricultural, or industrial equipment.

At Indo Africa Radiators we pride ourselves on being able to resolve your requirements on obsolete parts. We regularly assemble custom charge air coolers for generators and industrial equipment. Our compact years of experience in cooling solutions, expert knowledge, and repair advice is ready to get your repair done quickly and cheaply.

Here are just some reasons to choose our charge air cooler repair service:

  • Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with repair of charge air coolers
  • Indo Africa Radiators offers this and other repair services across the region (Mombasa, Kisumu and Kampala)
  • We can clean, repair, and return with 24 hours
  • For obsolete units we can fabricate a new cooler to OEM specifications
  • Our repair service will save you time and greatly reduce the cost

For more information about our charge air cooler repair service and how our technicians can save you time and money.